About this site and me

Until a year ago, OPC was not very well know to me. An internal job change in the company I work for (Dong Energy), changed that. I my current position as Scada developer, we use OPC extensively, thus a need to know more was certainly there.

However, lately a certain project suggested using OPC UA. I had no idea what it was, until I read about it on the Opc Foundation homepage. In the beginning I did not really understand the difference, but as I started to work with it and implement it usefully, my interest was raised. I know honestly think, this concept could be very useful in a number of applications, such as smart grid, data analysis in the cloud, data collection for small and medium operators, etc. Some of these areas are going to explode within the next few years.

Personally I am working as an IT Engineer in a large Danish utility company (Dong Energy) where I am working as a Scada Engineer / developer. We use Wonderware and OPC extensively. I have a solid experience in Java, Oracle Databases (PL/SQL) and perl, and some experience in C# and MSSQL. And of course in Wonderware. I also have a good process insight in most industrial processes, especially in the power industry. And as you can see, I am playing around with templates for Joomla (CSS, HTML) and other stuff. I am in my 50s, but use IT extensively, both in my job and privat. Lately I have also stating plying with Arduino and Raspberry PI, in a hope to combine them and a UA server :-)